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My clients have included:

My goal is to empower coaches & consultants to increase profits.

In college, I realized that I was pretty good at listening and giving advice on how to perform better in classes.  Later in life, while doing some personal improvement work, I found my mission: to empower others.

For the past 17 years, I’ve been empowering others by working with teams at big companies as an Independent Consultant.  In 2017, I made a pivot.  Now I work with people like you, independent coaches and consultants, who seek to increase their profit while enjoying their life more.

Based on 35 years of in-the-trenches consulting, I’ve developed a method for working with teams to make them more successful.  Now, I use the same processes and techniques, plus a bit of wisdom, to empower individuals to grow their business and ramp up their profits.

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Create the engine for marketing, selling and delivering services.

During the first 19 years of my consulting journey, I created and sold practices for 5 companies.  For the last 17 years, I’ve been applying and perfecting what I learned building those companies to my own practice.  The result of that hard work, mistakes made, restarts, and realizations is what I’m offering to you.

My signature process for creating your Marketing, Sales and Delivery engine consists of 5 steps.  While not rocket science, each step requires thoughtful insight, market awareness and client empathy to be deployed effectively.  When deployed consistently and across all client engagements, revenue skyrockets and you control how much you work.

This is training NOT education.  You’ll be experiencing every aspect of the process you’ll eventually be using with your clients.  You will have literally “stood in their shoes”.  That real-life training and insight will be invaluable as you begin to put my approach into action.

What makes me think I  I can help you?

Jon has advised a vast array of companies primarily in the manufacturing, distribution and services industries  His clients ranged in size from small, Mid-Western firms to iconic brand name, Fortune 500 companies. He’s also started and sold 5 consulting practices but most importantly, he’s trained over 350 coaches, consultants and consulting sales people on how to sell, manage and grow service businesses with a laser focus on quality.

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They Say

Sarah Elliott, L.AC.

Owner - Elliott Therapeutics

I wasn’t sure what to expect from working with Jon.  I’m an acupuncturist and wondered how someone with no experience in my industry, would be able to help me grow my business.  Jon listened to me describe the current state of my business and encouraged me to think out loud about the professional and personal life I want to create.

I also thought my business was doing well.  Since starting my practice, I’d steadily increased my client base and found a niche in pain management helping members of a local pro sports team with post-game recovery. With Jon’s help, I was able to see that I had created an elegant and defensible market position.  I also realized that I was setting my sights too low.

Jon helped me create a vision for my practice and together we began to create systems that gave me more time to spend doing what I love, relieving pain and restoring balance.  I’ve now increased my prices, I’m attracting new clients faster than ever, added massage therapy to my practice and I’m currently looking at ways to expand my office for continual growth.  In other words, I’m making more money working the same amount of time.  Thanks Jon!

Jean Miller

Owner - Full Sail Solutions

Yay!!!!!!!!! I just can’t get the smile off my face this morning. AHHHHHH. That means ALOT coming from you Jon. I’m not sure I saw all this potential last night. You showed it to me.

Yes, would love to chat about licensing / exclusivity!!!!!!!!


Thanks friend, colleague, BEST COACH IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

Best part is, I can now see a way to make money and sail around the world at the same time 😊😊😊

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